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Grit. Passion. Science

     At GPS farms we believe all three of these elements are necessary to push innovation toward a sustainable future capable of supporting both the planet and those who depend on it. Founded in 2016 by Rick Walsh, Clay Slipke, and Tex Thull, GPS Farms operates on one of the first hemp permits issued in Oregon. In the 5 seasons between now and then, the team at GPS has drawn on over 40 years of combined experience in agriculture here in Southern Oregon’s Klamath Basin to successfully breed, cultivate, and sell high-quality hemp for industrial and agricultural applications. 

     Our passion lies in the exploration of alternative industrial and agricultural practices with the goal of creating a sustainable hemp market and a closed-loop system for farmers and local businesses. From the soil up our hemp is grown, harvested, and processed using organic, regenerative, and sustainable practices. We build our own soil using various local sources,  have an on-sight living worm farm to create living soil beds, forego harmful chemicals and fertilizers in favor of traditional farming practices from around the world to maintain healthy soils, and utilize geothermal heat in all of our greenhouses. 



Organically Grown